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Criminal Defense: Fatal hot car case leads to criminal charges

Criminal defense: In the summer months, there are often many tragic deaths that are reported after parents forget their children in hot cars. This may be true for one case in which a 22-month-old boy was recently discovered by his father, Ross Harris, in a hot car after being left there for several hours. The Georgia father claims that he forgot his son in the car when he went to work and now, he is facing state criminal charges for murder.

A probable cause hearing is expected to be held for prosecutors to state their reasons to charge him with murder. According to reports, the man was supposed to drop his son off at a childcare center, but he forgot and went to work. When he arrived at his place of employment, he went about his usual day, but failed to remember that his infant was in the car where he remained for hours. Prosecutors stated that the man went out to his vehicle around lunch time, where he placed an unknown object, and then left the boy in the vehicle.

Over 70 sex crimes arrests

An operation was launched in an effort to track down and arrest those who participate in child sex trafficking. So far, 71 individuals were arrested and charged with a number of sex crimes throughout Georgia. The FBI's goal is to rescue children who are being exploited and arrest those who are encouraging child prostitution. Although arrests have been made, the defendants have not been convicted of any criminal conduct.

On the national level, authorities rescued 168 victims who were minors and also apprehended 281 alleged pimps. In our own state, 11 minors were reportedly forced into prostitution and exploited through the computer. This particular investigation led to the arrest of 71 people in Georgia who face a variety of charges. Their charges include criminal attempt of child molestation and enticement of a minor.

Criminal defense: Semi driver faces charges for fatal crash

Criminal defense: A 40-year-old man who apparently caused an accident has been criminally charged. The man faces state criminal charges for allegedly being responsible for a crash that took the life of a 29-year-old man on our Georgia roadways. He was charged with vehicular homicide in addition to following too closely to another vehicle.

According to reports, the suspect, who was driving a tractor-trailer, was headed in the westbound direction when a mower was observed straddling the right lane. The driver of a Dodge pickup was unable to pass the mower, which prompted him to come to a stop. The driver of the Dodge 3500 tractor-trailer, who was driving behind the Dodge pickup, slammed into the back of the truck. Both of the vehicles turned over, causing injuries to the driver of the Dodge 3500.

Criminal Defense: Georgia residents face charges for shooting

Criminal defense: Three Georgia residents are in legal hot water after a shooting that took place recently. One of the three is accused of shooting and killing an off-duty police officer. All three people at the scene are now facing state criminal charges in connection with the incident.

The incident happened outside of a Waffle House where the off-duty police officer, although in full uniform, was acting as security for the restaurant. It is claimed that the three individuals were under the influence, making derogatory racial comments and were not respectful to the officer. Ultimately, the three allegedly caused a commotion, which prompted a request for them to leave the premises. An altercation occurred that continued in the parking lot, and the officer attempted to place the girlfriend of one of the men under arrest.

Criminal Defense: Georgia teen faces state criminal charges

Criminal defense: Criminal charges can temporarily obstruct a person's life, and in the event of a conviction, that obstruction may be much longer in duration. If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges, you should call a criminal defense lawyer right away.

A Georgia teen is facing state criminal charges after he was accused of shooting at several people at a high school. He was charged with aggravated assault.  

According to reports, witnesses overheard the teen say something that indicated that he was going to "mess" something up. Other witnesses reportedly observed a large group of people gathered when the teen reached for his weapon and fired shots. Five people were shot, with four of them being students. Authorities are not sure what the teen's motives were for the shooting, but they are investigating the incident.

A criminal defense attorney can help in a situation such as this to investigate what exactly went on as well.  Most of the time, it is necessary to understand everything that led up to this incident.  

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Georgia suspects arrested for tax fraud

White collar crimes can affect individuals both legally and personally if they are convicted of the charges. Some of the most common infractions for which Georgia prosecutors seek convictions are tax fraud and identity theft. Throughout the years, millions of people have become victims of fraudulent tax filings, which has led to the arrest of suspects involved in tax rings. However, just because someone has been formally charged does not necessarily mean that are automatically guilty.

According to reports, authorities arrested 13 individuals who are accused of being involved with tax fraud and identity theft. Prosecutors believe that two more suspects are involved with the alleged fraud organization, but they have not yet been arrested. Reports indicate that over 50 suspects allegedly stole identities of other individuals for the purpose of filing fraudulent tax returns. The suspects would then reportedly steal the refunds.

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Georgia officer faces drug charges

Drug charges can have unfortunate consequences for accused individuals, especially in the case of a conviction. However, just because someone has been charged with a crime does not automatically mean they are guilty. A Georgia police officer was recently arrested and now faces drug charges. He was accused of having cocaine and marijuana in his possession.

The county sheriff's department issued a request to Georgia officials to launch a drug investigation. Reportedly, authorities went out to the suspect's home to conduct a search. Authorities allegedly discovered controlled substances in his bedroom.

White Collar Crimes: Georgia man charged with bank fraud

White Collar Crimes: In some cases, bank employees can make mistakes on a customer's account. Some of these mistakes are minor and easily corrected while others can prove costly. A bank employee reportedly made an error by depositing $31,000 into a customer's account. Now, a Georgia man has been arrested for bank fraud.

According to reports, a bank teller accidentally deposited $31,000 into a man's account. This may have been a case of mistaken identity since the funds that were deposited were for another bank customer with the same name. However, the man did not make the bank aware of this and allegedly withdrew almost $25,000 in multiple ATM withdrawals. He made a series of purchases, including fast food restaurant and grocery charges thus escalating the case and being charged with a number of white collar crimes. For more discussion on this, see this entry.

Drug charges for Georgia physician and others

Drug charges can typically carry long-lasting repercussions for those who are convicted, in addition to possible jail time. Understandably, Georgia officials and the federal government take these types of cases seriously and commonly prosecute this type of accusation to the fullest extent possible under the law. A doctor and three other suspects were charged with the illegal distribution of prescription pain pills in this alleged traveling "pill mill."

According to reports, authorities launched an investigation that lasted for three years by multiple agencies. Reportedly, the physician would make visits to casinos and become acquainted with the employees while on location. He would allegedly write out prescriptions for a large number of painkillers. When apprehended by law enforcement, the doctor and three others were federally charged with illegally distributing prescription painkillers.  Please see this entry.

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